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  • Record click tracks for your classroom! (string orchestra literature)

If you are needing some supplemental materials to go along with your classroom instruction, click tracks for each part and the group as a whole are the way to go!

The music will be recorded with separate tracks for each instrument. You will be able to use a single part to be played along with, two parts at once to hear harmonies, and full ensemble recordings with panned audio of your preference! This is to suit your classroom speakers to where sections of instruments are sitting. Recordings include tracks both with and without a metronome to suit your needs. Sometimes playing the full recordings off of websites are not enough to draw out what each section is doing, making this an excellent addition to your toolbox.

Inquire about any piece of string orchestra literature from first year through high school and we will discuss pricing based on the difficulty and time it takes to create recordings.

  • Literature-specific warm-ups and routines for your rehearsal!

Check back soon!

  • Virtual Private Cello Lessons!

Check back soon!

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