Using a first or second year string orchestra class, for example.

  • The method books we teachers most often use start with the left and right hand techniques for the A-string and D-string. The first 8 notes we use in unison/octaves is the D major Scale—but guess what? We want to learn all four strings because we can!
  • Grade appropriate literature for first and second year students goes beyond the limited range of 8 pitches and has many more keys that can be played with similar finger patterns.
  • Some, but not all of these keys and finger patterns are present in the book
  • There is a mountain of string orchestra literature for beginning and continuing students that will be missed out on if I teach all four strings later!

This is a sample of a straight-forward exercise sheet that I wrote for teaching all 4 strings on the staff. The violas and cellos play on their C and G strings creating 2-part harmony with the violins and basses for student interest.

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